6 Steps to Big Data Success for Digital Marketers [Video+PPT+Transcript]


Few weeks ago I did a keynote presentation at Digimarcon West conference. My goal was to educate traditional digital marketers on how to use data science and big data analytics to amplify digital results. In this post I would like to share the video recording of the session along with the power point slides and the entire transcript. Enjoy! Video … Read More

10 Unique Ways to Apply Data Science to Digital Marketing – Part 1


Digital marketing tech industry continues to fascinate me even though the segment is getting saturated with software vendors of all kinds. Lately, I am spending more time on data science as you can see from my recent posts. However, I feel it is important to discuss the marketing technology spectrum before we discuss how marketing can benefit from data science. … Read More

How Big Data Impacts our Lives Everyday [Infographic]


I recently came across a cool big data infographic which neatly details how big data touches our lives everyday. I found it very interesting so I got permission from the creators to share with my blog subscribers. It is true, whether we know it or not big data plays a huge part in our everyday lives. On a daily basis … Read More

How to Build a Rock Solid Demand Generation Engine – Part 2


This is the part 2 of the two part blog series called “How to build a rock solid demand generation engine”. You can read the part 1 here or click the links below for each steps. Here is a list of the key fundamentals of building a solid demand generation engine covered in this series: Fundamental #1. Customer centricity (link … Read More

How to Build a Rock Solid Demand Generation Engine – Part 1


In my anaytics and marketing career, I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some really amazing individuals. I have learned a lot from and shared my ideas with them successfully. I have also had the opportunity to lead several demand gen teams of marketing and analytics professionals, and this has allowed me to understand the key concepts … Read More