Three Key Insights to Increase Mobile Marketing Budget


If you are an online marketer then I am sure mobile is a high priority on your to do lists. A phenomenal 233% growth in smart phone sales has sparked a revolution in mobile marketing. According to Forrester Research, B2B mobile marketing spend will increase 307% ($106 million from the current $26 million) by 2014.


Source: Admob Network Data

android growth chart

Source: Admob Network Data

All this data can be used to build a case to increase your mobile spend if your company is not willing to invest more in mobile marketing. However, if you are an analytics fanatic like me then you will go beyond the industry metrics to present a solid argument to request additional funds.

In this post, we will discuss that the key metrics/reports that can help you request more money from your management for mobile marketing.

#1 Mobile Traffic Report:

The mobile visits report is definitely not the most actionable one. Visit metric is interesting, but it rarely provides a meaningful insight. The idea is to look at the trend and measure the growth rate.

If your mobile traffic is growing at a consistent rate then it can be used to predict future traffic and the impact on your marketing campaigns as well.

For example – A consistent 10% monthly growth in mobile traffic equals 30% quarterly and 120% yearly growth. This growth pattern is an indicator that your site is attracting more mobile users every month.

A basic mobile visit report is available as a default report in most analytics solutions, including Google Analytics.

mobile visits

#2 Mobile visits vs total visits

Mobile visits report by itself could be misleading if your total traffic is growing at the same rate. It is extremely important to have context for your analysis and the key is to measure the channel mix. It is possible that the total visits is growing at 10% per month rate and mobile traffic percentage of the total traffic is the same.

Prepare a table with the last twelve months total visits, mobile traffic and mobile traffic mix data. Measure the mobile visits mix percentage compared to the total visits trend.

mobile traffic mix

The sample data above clearly shows that the mobile traffic mix is growing faster than the overall traffic growth rate. This is definitely insightful and provides a decent argument for investing more in mobile marketing.

#3 Device Type Report

The last part of the case built up is to identify the most popular mobile devices used by your mobile visitors. Device type report can help you optimize your marketing investment. Instead of designing website for all types of mobile devices you can now smartly design website for the top five devices. Similarly, marketing campaigns can be targeted for 2-3 most used devices.

mobile device

It is quite possible that you are getting 90+% of your mobile visits from iphone, iPad and Android devices. The device type report along with the mobile traffic mix is a pretty good data to influence your peers and management.

The increased mobile spend can be used in two ways-

a. Infrastructure – Before you start targeting mobile networks and mobile search it is important to make sure your website is mobile friendly. Use mobile browser emulators to identity the loopholes on your current website. The budget can be used to build a mobile site or “fix” your website to make it mobile usable.

b. Marketing – Investing in mobile ad networks like Admob, mobile search and building prospect focus apps is a good next step for mobile marketing.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please share your thoughts, insights and comments below. Thank you!

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