Visitor Engagement or Site Conversion?

I would like to start this post with a startling fact – there are on average 8000 searches done on Google each month for keyword “site conversion” and only 91 searches for “visitor engagement”!

What is Web Analytics?

by Sameer Khan Web analytics is a process of gathering & measuring data, understanding web site visitor activity and behavior, and optimizing the web marketing process to maximize ROI. If you want exact definition then here is one from Wikipedia – Web analytics is the study of online behavior in order to improve it. 🙂 Short and sweet! There are … Read More

Another Feather in Customer Engagement Hat!

Eric Peterson, the analytics expert and the owner of the popular web analytics demystified blog has partnered with Comscore to take customer/visitor engagement to new heights. The result of this partnership is a new metric “audience engagement”. This new metric can change the way how marketing manager, CMOs and media buyers make ad planning and media buying decisions. The Audience … Read More

Customer Engagement At The Speed of Light

by Sameer Khan The rapidly changing economic situation is causing more business owners to rethink their market and business growth strategies. Most fortune 500 companies are cutting back on their marketing expenses. According to AC Neilson, online advertising purchases have decreased compared to last year. People are cutting back on luxury item purchases and focusing more on things they need … Read More