Hack Low Performing Marketing Programs with Data and Analytics

Marketing programs designed to indirectly impact demand such as branding campaigns, social and display media are one of the easiest ones to get questioned by organization leaders. The key reason being these programs cannot be directly attribution to revenue creation activities. In this show, we will walk through the steps you can take to build the infrastructure, setup measurement techniques … Read More

5 Dirty Display Media Attribution facts Marketers don't want to talk about

Last week, we discussed the different types of attributions for multi-channel marketing. We also talked about how statistical attribution trumps traditional models every single time. This week, I want to discuss a rather serious and mostly ignored issue of online display ad attribution. The issue is so frustrating as it skews the entire digital marketing model and requires a fix … Read More

Truth about Digital Attribution: Statistically inferred attribution trumps first and last click models

Marketers are obsessed with identifying the winning marketing touchpoints so they can distribute the budget accurately between the channels. Attribution is important because it gives us the intelligence to improve the return on the campaigns. Attribution makes it easier for us to justify the spend in marketing without over or under spending. I don’t think there is any question, whether … Read More