Social Media Analytics and ROI Measurement

Social Media Analytics is the analytical study of marketing done by the interaction of people via online platforms or social tools such as Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. This form of marketing is gaining popularity due to the fact that it is an easy way to increase awareness for the brand and also ensures easy customer service. Social media serves as … Read More

Feed Hunger…Get Internet Explorer 8

Not a big fan of Microsoft Internet Explorer but I am pretty impressed with their latest “Browse for Better” campaign. The campaign is designed to increase the downloads of the latest version of Internet Explorer (Version 8). The usp of the campaign is “If you download & install the latest version of IE then we will donate 8 meals to … Read More

Cut PPC Cost with Google's New Search Feature

Quickly want to post that Google’s new search feature will allow most brands to cut their ppc budget significantly. Google’s newest search update makes it easier to access the target website if the search is done using variations of company name. Screen shot below shows that the target website for the search term “rackspace” is now showing up as a … Read More

5 Kick Ass Free/Cheap Voice of Visitor & Usability Tools

Web Analytics can provide you all the information you need about the “what” and “how” piece of the visitor interaction on your website. Reports like goal completion, internal search keywords can tell you what visitors do on your website. Similarly, pathing report, next page and fallout report can be used to determine how visitors interact with your site. The missing … Read More

Behavioral Ranking: Shocking Truth about the New Search Marketing Game!

Before you begin reading this post I want to warn you this could possibly give you sleepless nights for long time to come. All your search optimization efforts are at now completely at the mercy of search engines. If you think you are smarter and can “bypass” the search engine guidelines then think again. Ten years ago, achieving high ranking … Read More