PPC Analytics: The Ultimate Pay Per Click Marketing Plan

Pay per click marketing has become the most popular form of marketing in the Internet age. The reason behind the success of ppc is the ease of setup and the ability to get instant results. It is indeed the best answer to instant advertising. In order to succeed with ppc marketing one must take a very strategic approach. Marketers all … Read More

Why People Follow You on Twitter?

I am curious on why people follow someone on Twitter so I created this poll. I am sure other people would also like to get an answer to this question. The answer can be just one click away :). [polldaddy poll=”1365123″] Please provide your comments, feedback, or tweets here. Here is a list of other helpful blog posts – Bounce … Read More

Bounce rate Calculation in Site Catalyst Omniture

This post is in response to the web analytics guru Avinash Kaushik’s blog post about calculating bounce rate in Omniture Site Catalyst. I wish Sitecatalyst could have provided the bounce rate metric right out of the box but no worries… here is how you can do it easily. Once you have the metric in place, you can add it to … Read More

Web Analytics for Your Small Business

This is a sequel to my earlier blog post – What is Web Analytics? This post goes in to more details on how you can quickly harness the power of web analytics to grow your business. To start with, any good analytics system like Google Analytics can provide you all the information you need to understand the “what” behind your … Read More

Visitor Engagement or Site Conversion?

I would like to start this post with a startling fact – there are on average 8000 searches done on Google each month for keyword “site conversion” and only 91 searches for “visitor engagement”!