5G: Myths, Misconceptions and Reality

What is 5G and what’s all the excitement about? How will 5G change your personal and professional lives? What will be the implication of 5G to your career and how can you be prepared. In this show, we will demystify 5G and separate hype from reality. You will learn what is happening with 5G and how you can capitalize on … Read More

2020 Digital and Data Predictions

2020 Digital and Data Predictions 2019 was a great year for digital and data professionals. Digital continues to dominate the world in every aspect and the transformations are evident in every part of the business. There has been a massive increase in home automation and home IOT adoption with Alexa and Google dominating market share. We experienced wider acceptance of … Read More

7 Strategic Steps to Implementing a MarTech Platform

MarTech is short for Marketing Technology. In the last seven years, there has been a significant growth in marketing technology. In 2011, there were few hundred marketing tech and in 2019 there are more than 7000 technologies. This rapid change requires organizations to follow a strong process to implement marketing tech. In this show, Jeremy and I will go through … Read More

Top 2019 Marketing Technology and Digital Trends

2019 is off to a great start and organizations are finding news way to improve return on investment and maximize marketing dollars. In today’s show, Jeremy and I discuss the top marketing technology platforms and digital trends. We dive into the different types of platforms, their growth trends, market size and how and when to utilize these platforms. Here are … Read More

7 Ways AI is Transforming Marketing and Analytics

AI is impacting almost every industry and company. The hype is promising but does will it really stand the test? What about the marketing and analytics jobs? How will AI impact your life in marketing or analytics? What about Data? I know you have all these questions so we (Sameer and Jeremy) will discuss these and similar topic in today’s … Read More