Bounce rate Calculation in Site Catalyst Omniture


This post is in response to the web analytics guru Avinash Kaushik’s blog post about calculating bounce rate in Omniture Site Catalyst. I wish Sitecatalyst could have provided the bounce rate metric right out of the box but no worries… here is how you can do it easily.

Once you have the metric in place, you can add it to any report including the top landing pages report.

Step 1 – Login to Site Catalyst version 14 and pull the “Pages” report. This report will list all the top pages based on the daily/monthly/weekly visits.


Step 2 – Click “Add metrics” button on the top


Step 3 – Click “Managed Calculated Metric” icon in the Add metrics window. A new “Calculated Metrics” window will popup.


Step 4 – In the “Calculated Metrics” window click “Define New Metric button”.


Step 5 – A new page will open in the same window with options to enter the formula.

Omniture formula for bounce rate = Single Access / Entries. This is equivalent to single page access / entry page.

Fill the out the details in the form as follows and click “Save”.

Name = Bounce Rate
Formula = [Single Access] / [Entries] Type : Percent (%)


Step 6 – Bounce rate metric will be added to the “Available metric” section
click “Close and refresh” list button.

You will be taken to a the main ‘Add metric’ window.
Step 7 – This is the final step where you add the new bounce rate metric to your report canvas and click ok button.


Voila! Now you have a pages report with the bounce rate for each page. If you want to calculate the site bounce rate then you just have to select the [Total Single Access] / [Total Entries] in the calculation window.

Please provide your comments, feedback, or tweets here.

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Avinash Kaushik
12 years ago

Thanks for doing this post Sameer! I am sure lots of people would find it to be of value.


12 years ago

Thank you for this it is helpful If you are looking for another post it would be great to see all the formulas you have that relate to omniture.

Chân Rết
11 years ago

Thank you very much

Menu Printing San Diego

Great information Post… thank you

New High Score
11 years ago

This is useful, but what about visitors who enter the website on the exact page that they want, and read the information applicable to them, and leave? That shouldn’t be counted as a bounce.

For instance, I entered your website here. I read the post I wanted to read. I left. Am I a ‘bounce’?

I’d like to see something on adding a time component to this metric, ideally.