Cut PPC Cost with Google's New Search Feature


Quickly want to post that Google’s new search feature will allow most brands to cut their ppc budget significantly. Google’s newest search update makes it easier to access the target website if the search is done using variations of company name.

Screen shot below shows that the target website for the search term “rackspace” is now showing up as a clickable link in the drop down list. Search users can easily click the website link and bypass the SERP (search engine results page).


This has dual benefits –

a. Increase search user experience by giving them directly what they want instead of sending them to SERPs.

b. Brand companies can slash ppc cost by remove the branded terms (usually cost lot) from their ppc bidding.

This new feature is a big disappointment for companies who are bidding on the competitor keywords. Google has always discouraged bidding on third party trademark and brand terms and this could possibly be a big initiative.

Google could also lose money if large numbers of brands remove brand term from their ppc bidding.

How to track visits from these links?

Aha! I know your analytical brain has already started to think on how you could track these links in your web analytics reporting. No worries my friend.. the referring url for these links will look slightly different that the normal search referring url.

1. Referring url of normal search links –

2. Referring url of search with new feature –

Notice the difference in the query string in blue and the search keyword in red.  The new feature will still capture the keyword being searched but will also include the url that brought the search user to the target site.

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Great post! I was especially interested in how this would appear in Google Analytics. Thanks for posting!