Copy My Actionable Google Analytics Advanced Segments


In this post, I want to share some of my most frequently used Google Analytics advanced segments using Google Analytics segment sharing feature. These segments allow me to dissect data and produce actionable insights. To copy these segments simple click the links below, login to your Google Analytics account and create segments.

Before we begin, here is a quick video that explains how to create advanced segments in Google Analytics.

YouTube Preview Image


#1 Visits with Zero Goal Completion (copy segment) – Conversion should be the ultimate goal for your website. Using zero goal completion segment you can instant identify the traffic sources for all the non performing traffic. You can also identify the pathing data and optimize site navigation.


visit with zero goal-


#2 True Backlinks (copy segment) – Backlinks are the key to organic search ranking and traffic. Banner placements on third party sites can skew your referral traffic data. Banner/text placement with direct links will show up as referrals in your referral report along with true backlinks from referring websites. This segment will exclude all the banner site traffic from the referral traffic.

#3 Partner referrals (copy segment) – Partner referral segment allows you to evaulate the performance of your channel partners. You can view the traffic and conversion data for the partner websites.

#4 Visitor Engagement (copy segment) – This segment allows you to measure the visitor engagement on your site. Visitors are more engaged if they visit multiple pages on your site.


visitor engagement-


#5 Early Adopters (copy segment) – The idea behind this segment is to find out all the marketing initiatives that are successful in driving visitors who convert on their first visit. Apply this segment and find out the keywords that are consistently driving leads / sales on the first visit.


first time task completion-

Hope you enjoyed this post. Please share your thoughts, insights and comments because it really helps me write more effectively.

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