Measuring Content Effectiveness with Omniture SiteCatalyst


Producing a ton of content and not knowing if web site visitors are consuming it can sometimes be really frustrating. Avg. time on site and time on page metrics can provide some insights into how engaging the web content is. These metrics are good to get a high level view of content usage and are still not enough to provide actionalbe insights.

What if there was a way to find what part of the content on any given page is consumed? What if you can generate a report that shows if your headline and first paragraph are able to drive visitors to read the next part of the content?

Omniture recently announced a cool new plugin for their SiteCatalyst analytics tool. This plugin allows users to view the percentage of content viewed on any given page vertically.

ScreenHunter 04 Mar. 12 15

The plugin is totally free for current SiteCatalyst customers. You can find the plugin code on the Help -> Supporting docs -> Implementation -> Plugins section of SiteCatalyst help section.

Here are step by step instructions on how to install this plugin.

#1. Add a new traffic/property variable.

Admin -> Report Suites -> Edit Settings -> Traffic -> Traffic Variables

ScreenHunter 05 Mar. 12 16

#2. Set the new s.prop value to the percentage page viewed function. This variable will record the percentage of the previous page viewed.

ScreenHunter 06 Mar. 12 16

#3. Create another s.prop traffic variable. This variable will be used to store the previous page value. Adding this variable will allow us to combine the page name with the percentage page viewed value metric.

#4. Prepare the code for implementation. This is how your final code should look like.

ScreenHunter 12 Mar. 12 17

#5. Copy the code in the s_doPlugins() function located in the “Plugin Config” area of the s_code.js file.

(Click here to download the code file)

ScreenHunter 11 Mar. 12 17

#6 Finally, copy the following code in “PLUGINS SECTION” area of the s_code.js file and allow SiteCatalyst to populate reports. You should see two new reports inside the Custom Traffic section.

(Click here to download the code file)

omniture sitecatalyst

Here is a quick screen shot of how the final Custom Traffic report should look like.

Please share your thoughts, insights and comments because it really helps me write more effectively.

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