Facebook vs Google & Google Analytics – Final Round??


Facebook is yet to crack the code of internet advertising that Google has mastered for years. In its most recent attempt to win the online advertising battle and woo businesses, Facebook is about to release some of the coolest features available on the face of the earth for advertisers.

1. Super Local Marketing

Currently, being called as mobile + social is a uqniue way of advertising locally. This new advertising channel will allow the local advertiser to measure the effectiveness of their campaign all the way to physical action i.e visit to a local restaurant / coffee shop to make a purchase.

Google is trying hard to make local advertising more effective. Using data from public reviews is useful, but it still does not provide physical conversion measurement.

Facebook is getting ready to announce the intelligent social ads that could potentially be a breakthrough in local advertising. The concept opens up a whole new way of looking at conversion data and yes it definitely is not going to be your traditional GA goal conversions. It definitely opens up new web analytics measurement possibilities.



2. New Ranking Algorithm

This one seriously aims at Google’s age old core competency – The ranking algorithm. Google has always used links as the core of its ranking algorithm and its page rank metric was developed using link data. However, it is interesting to note that not all links were created manually.

Facebook has decided to go a step further and exploit web user data for calculating website rankings. It is currently testing a new feature that will take the Facebook share button functionality to next level.

The new button will include a feature called “like”. At the frontend it might look like a cool new way to express your feelings about a website but at the backend it will send data to Facebook servers using Facebook connect. This data will go through a series of mathematical calculations and the system will decide the new web rank / site authority.



3. Facebook Analytics

Waging a war against Google should not be limited to search. Google has an endless list of useful products and services and Facebook is ready to battle on all front.

Facebook Insight might be another major announcement at the F8 summit. The concept of data capture is similar to the web analytics solutions where the data is shared through an image beacon file. This allows developers and users to measure events triggered during an API call.


Do you think that Google should be worried about these new features?

Please share your thoughts, insights and comments below.

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