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Web Analytics is not just measuring the visitor interaction with your website. Social media has changed the way how people spent time on the web. Your prospects and customers are spending more time outside of your website. It is important to understand analytics of the web in order to learn web analytics of visitors.

In this post, we will discuss 100% free on and off site analytics tool that can provide you detailed insights about your customers and prospects.

Google Insights for Search – The only tool on the web that allows you to predict the future traffic volume of keyword and location based insight. You can use insights to identify the keywords that are trending down and will virtually become extinct and keywords are new and growing faster.

A super cool feature “secret” feature of insights is it can sometimes be used to identify investment opportunities. You can quickly compare real estate markets in Florida and Texas and identify better performing markets.

Quantcast – A pretty cool tool that provides quick demographics and traffic estimates on most websites. The key usage for the site is to find the right audience for marketing. Quantcast collects the log data from the websites that participate in their measurement program. The data collection is based on third party cookies.

Compete – Compete is a top competitive analysis tool that allows you to spy on your competitor traffic and search analytics. The traffic estimates are far more accurate in comparison to Quantcast. Their data collection method is based on daily browsing activity of their panel of 2 million panelists.

Compete’s search analytics data is fairly usable, and you can instantly get the share of the search visit for any keyword.

Twitter Analyzer – Measuring twitter conversations has become extremely important for every organization. Twitter analytics provides great details on the offsite customer / visitor behavior. Twitter Analyzer is a must use extremely powerful Twitter analytics tool. It not only measures the growth rate of your follower and friends but also provides detailed measurement of chats, popularity, reach, links, hashtags, follower geo location, groups and more. – Bitly was originally designed as a url shortener but it is now commonly used for real time click tracking and campaign measurement. Bitly is the hottest social media url shortner and campaign tracking tool. One of the coolest features of is it allows the tracking of competitor campaigns.

To perform a competitive analysis simply find your competitor’s url from Twitter search or Facebook pages and type bitlyurl+ in your browser window. Voila! You now have real time insights into your competitor’s campaigns.

Google Ad planner – Google Ad planner is similar to Quantcast. but it offers additional data like ‘audience interest’, ‘keywords searched for’ and sub domain level tracking.

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Admob Mobile Analytics – Google recently acquired Abmob, a company that is specialized in mobile ads and analytics. Admob analytics allows the user to install code on their mobile website and get detailed analytics reports. Users can instant access all web analytics reports like visitor location, mobile device types and time spent on the mobile site. The analytics package is completely free because the company makes money by selling ad space on mobile sites.

Open Site Explorer – Open site explorer is the best link analytics and seo metrics tool on the planet. The free version allows you to download data for up to 1000 links. You can perform advanced seo competitive analysis and compare data between two sites. Data can be exported in CSV format for further segmentation and pivoting in excel.

Pear Analytics – Pear Analytics offers a complete SEO scan of your website and provide insights on how you can optimize your site for search ranking. The analytics engine is powered by some of the most popular search ranking factors. The software is capable of identifying 404 issues, title and meta issues, css and missing sitemap issues.

Google Analytics – The #1 free web analytics tool is becoming the biggest competitor to enterprise analytics. With new features like mobile tracking, advanced analysis tools, and analytics intelligence more businesses are thinking twice before investing in paid solutions.

Google analytics recently added asynchronous tracking that loads the analytics code in the backend improving the site load time.

Hope you enjoyed the post. Please share your thoughts, feedbacks and comments on what you think are some of the top analytics tools.

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