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Last month, I spoke at the Covario inflection point event in California. We presented some of our most successful inbound marketing strategies and campaigns. We have been consistently running social media focused SEO campaigns and have seen significant improvement in our signup and sales from organic search. In this post, we will discuss some of our top-performing programs and share analytics insights.

#1. Decade of Storage – This was one of the most successful infographics campaigns. Originally, we were thinking of creating infographics on the types of cloud storage. Cloud is still a fairly new technology and there are limited number of cloud storage options. We ended up building infographics on data storage. The infographics shows the ten year history of storage right from USB drive to cloud storage technology.

Decade of storage infographic


ScreenHunter 28 Mar. 07 23


#2. Keyboard shortcut for Email Clients – Instead of designing a standard static image based infographics we created a printable pdf file. The pdf file listed the most commonly used shortcuts for email clients. As an additional value we provided the pdf file in a format that users could download and place it on their desk. The results were astronomical and even though we did not generate tons of backlinks we received 170K unique visitors to the website due to the viral nature of the campaign.

keyboard shortcuts


ScreenHunter 29 Mar. 07 23


#3. Data storage metrics – Data storage metrics is another data-related infographics that did pretty well. The idea behind this infographics was to show value of large data metrics (gigabytes, petabytes, terabytes) in a user friendly way. The idea paid off well, and we received lots of backlinks and traffic.


How big is your byte infographic


ScreenHunter 27 Mar. 07 23

#4. Top 25 Cloud Computing myth busted – 25 myths busted is a blog post with viral elements. In this post, we talked about the 25 most common myths about cloud computing and how these don’t hold true. This proved to be another winner for us, and we generated 50+ backlinks with a bunch of social references. The idea behind this was to explain how we are using cloud services on a day to day basis, and we don’t realize.

Cloud computing myths


ScreenHunter 06 Mar. 11 20


#5. Coolest Outlook 2010 features – Back in Q2 of 2010, the entire social sphere was filled with the conversations about Outlook 2010. Everyone was writing about the coolest features of the latest version of the Outlook. My friend and colleague Micheal Ferranti had a better idea. He proposed we built a flash based interactive demo showcasing the top five features of Outlook 2010. The outcome was one of the coolest infographics we ever did. We smartly added the embed code within this infographics so we users can embed it on their blogs/websites and in return, we get organic links.

Top Outlook 2010 features



ScreenHunter 07 Mar. 11 20

Bonus! (Possibly) Most innovative Infographic – You may have seen static image, flash, or video infographics. One of the infographic campaigns we launched last year stands apart in terms of innovation. We created a hybrid infographic where we combine all three formats i.e. video, image, flash. The infographics is a historical tribute to data center technology right from the early days of the information technology. Each decade is showcased using actual videos of the data centers.

Evolution of data center


White hat SEO is the only way to consitently deliver great results on search and social media channels. If you do the math, it will take thousands of dollars and exponential risk to replicate these results using paid methods.

Now, it’s your turn to share some of your successful social SEO campaigns. Your feedback, comments and tweets are highly appreciated.

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