IBM Webinar: Implementing Attribution Models to Drive Conversions

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We are conducting a webinar for existing IBM analytics customers on the topic of applied attribution later this week. I highly encourage you to signup for this webinar and get insights on how to leverage attribution and forecasting models to improve ROI and efficiently allocate marketing resources.

Webinar Topic: Applied Attribution: Implementing Attribution Models to Drive Conversions and Allocate Marketing Resources

Webinar Date:
October 25, 2012
10 am Pacific/1 pm Eastern

Registration link:

Join this exclusive sixty minute (60) IBM customer-only webinar and learn from IBM product experts and leading-edge marketers at Rackspace and see how to implement marketing attribution models to increase conversion and better allocate your organization’s marketing spend.

As the second of a two-part series, this exciting event extends the conversation from the EMM Customer Webinar “Understanding the Influence of Marketing” into the implementation and data analysis phase of marketing channel attribution.

During a lively discussion, you’ll hear from IBM product and attribution experts as well as from leading marketers at Rackspace who are using EMM products to gather actionable data and using the results to make informed marketing decisions.

We’ll also show you:
How to use attribution analytics to increase marketing ROI
How to use attribution analytics to develop a plan for redeploying marketing spend
How to use attribution analytics and marketing performance optimization to inform budget and marketing mix planning
What’s next in marketing attribution technology from IBM


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