INFOGRAPHICS : IBM Coremetrics Analytics vs Google Analytics Premium


Web analytics service providers market is getting pretty competitive. Startups like are jumping on the analytics bandwagon along with big guys like IBM and Adobe.

It’s great for the industry as it continues to grow, but it becomes challenging for the web analyst as we now have to add one more tool to our portfolio. One of the most common questions that gets asked on the web sphere is what is the best web analytics tool out there? Plus, if you are working in a larger organization you get recommendations from various departments on what tool to use for web analysis. Sometimes you cannot ignore these as it may be from the leadership in your organization.

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If you are like me (data driven), then you would end up spending your precious time doing web analytics tool analysis. There is no harm in doing research on what fits your organizational needs, but the research work could sometime steal away the time you may put on actionable insights. It’s worst if you are forced to do this every month.

After all a tool is a tool and how you put it to action is what drives business results. Having said that here is an infographics on the research that my team has done comparing Google Analytics (free and premium version) to IBM Coremetrics Analytics. Feel free to share it within your organization if you are questioned on why are you using one tool over the other.

Both tools are sophisticated and insightful and one delivers better results than the other in certain areas, but at the end they are just tools. Enjoy!


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