Big Data Friday : This week in Big Data Analytics


Big data Friday is a quick recap of what’s happening this week in the big data and multi-channel analytics industry. I realized there is a lot of clutter in the big data news space, and the news that matters get lost. Big data Friday comes to rescue with only the best of the best big data news in an easily digestable format. Enjoy!

Big data transforming industries – Big data continues to be a key driver of transformation beyond Internet. Icahn Institute for Genomics and Multiscale biology is using big data technology to perform complex genetic sequencing and analysis. Icahn leader Dr. Eric E. Schadt has partnered with Jeffrey Hammerbacher to move the needle for genomics and medical science. Schadt wants medical to advance to the level of climatology and physics using complex data analysis.

HP edges closer to IBM – HP has launched HAVEn (Hadoop, Autonomy, Vertical, Enterprise security, n Apps) a software package for analyzing larger data sets. The software is a result of three acquisitions made by HP in the range of $12 billion. The technology promises to deliver real time analytics on large-scale datasets. With this launch HP is challenging the status quo of IBM’s enterprise data lead. It will be interesting to analysis the success of HP’s launch in coming months.

Luminosity’s Human Cognition project – Luminosity, a leading provider of brain training games has launched an exploration of dataset to understand cognitive performance. Luminosity has millions of users with over 780 millions of gameplay datasets. This is the first time someone has single point access to large-scale human cognition data. Luminosity has invited leading researchers, scientists and educators to explore how learning ability changes with age and lifestyle factors leading to congnition performance.

Startups and SMB funding – Big data buzz continues to attract venture capitalists and startups alike. Accel Partners, a leading venture capital has announced $100 million in funding for companies or ideas on big data innovation. If you have an innvoative big data startup idea then email Accel to be considered for investment.

Google’s HR analytics – Google has been collecting the data from their hiring process for a long time. Earlier this week, Google’s HR VP Laszlo Bock shared his insights from the study of the new employee recruitment big dataset. The study reveals zero correlations between employee interview performance and job performance. Some of the keytakeaways are –

  • Avoid brain teaser questions
  • Ask situational and professional experience questions while diving into the details.
  • GPA is the thing of the past

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