Understand Your Customers with Customer Analytics [Video + Slides]


The biggest challenge marketers face today is they fail to get a 360 view of their customers before marketing to them. Most marketers may develop the customer persona with basic information, including demographics and like/dislikes. Some may go beyond and try to map the digital channel usage of their customers. Marketing channels, demographics and interests are important components of understanding your customers, but it limits a true context of customer’s intent.

The other piece of the puzzle is the customer lifecycle which I have discussed in details in one of my blog posts.

A couple of weeks ago, I presented (in a webinar) the idea of truly understanding your customers. The idea was to drill down and identify key problems that hinder marketer’s ability to target customers with in context campaigns. It also showcases the key areas of opportunity of effectively engaging with you customers.

Below are the slide share slides of this webinar presentation along with recorded video presentation link.

Here are details on the webinar including the video recording. You can review the slides above or watch the entire session:




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