13 – Analytics Today Mission, Vision and Next Steps


We have officially completed a dozen shows and thank you to our listeners for staying connected. In this show, we want to talk about why we started the AnalyticsToday show, what is our mission, vision and what are the next steps. There is also a surprise announcement at the end about our brand new podcast show…so keep listening. Please leave feedback!

A Quick Preview of the #AnalyticsToday mission, vision and next steps podcast (show notes):

  • Why did we started the #AnalyticsToday podcast
  • What is the mission of our podcast
  • What are some of our goals and how does this benefit our listeners
  • Sameer and Jeremy discuss what we don’t want our podcast to be and how we differentiate
  • What will be the core focus of #AnalyticsToday podcast
  • Learn about our brand new #DigitalTenet Digital Business Podcast

Listen to the #AnalyticsToday mission, vision and next steps

    Resources discussed in this podcast:

    Show Summary:
    1. Why did we started analytics today?
    There are many challenges and gaps in the analytics information distributed on the Internet. There are gaps and misrepresentation, it’s too much small business focused, it’s too tactical. Additionally, there are no true marketing analytics and marketing tech podcast available.

    2. What is our vision with the podcast?
    We are a podcast for data driven marketer which is different from other marketing or data podcasts. We want to become a key podcast channel in marketing analytics professionals life. We want to provide answers to all types of marketing analytics and data questions. We want crush myths about data and marketing. We want have open conversation and discussions around topics other podcasts do not address such as data integrity, spam laws, data management, siloed analytics, undata marketing. We don’t want to restrict or hold back any information.

    3. What is the purpose and mission of our podcast?
    We want to educate atleast 1 million marketing and data professional on how to use data for their advantage. We want to teach marketers and marketing analytics professional the advance data strategies and marketing technology.

    4. What is #AnalyticsToday not focused on?
    We are not everything marketing. There are many podcasts where you can find information specific to social media, marketing automation, SEO and other forms of marketing. We certainly don’t think we can be all and we are primarily focused on the data and analytics side of marketing. From time to time, we may have nuggets from marketing side of the world if we find it interesting but our focus will always be on the data and analytics. We don’t claim to be experts at everything but we certainly have done all types of marketing include events, offline media buys so we have our opinions. We certainly don’t think this is the only podcast you should listen but if you really are a data driven marketer then this should be on your bookmark.

    5. What are the next steps?
    We started analytics today and we did navigate and tested different paths. We included some digital marketing topics and we also discussed data privacy issues, email marketing best practices and some of it was deliberate while some of it was unintentional due to our diverse background. After 10 episodes of analyticstoday, we realized that it makes lot more sense for analyticstoday to focus on data, analytics and marketing tech so we can better serve our audience and provide them a focused stream of content. Having said that we also feel we have lots to share on the digital marketing side of things so launched a brand new digital business podcast. Yeah!!! Our new podcast is called digitaltenet.com (a digital business podcast). #DigitalTenet podcast will focus on solving digital business challenges and help marketing and other digitally savvy departments to succeed in their profession.

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