21 Advanced Analytics and Marketing Predictions for 2017


2016 is coming to an end and analytics professionals & marketers are already planning for 2017. To help our listeners plan for 2017, we have prepared a list of 21 advanced analytics and marketing predictions. We strongly believe most of these will impact your life if you are a marketing, analytics, data science or big data professional. These predictions are well researched and are back by data. Listen to the entire show and leave us feedback!

Listen to the 21 Advanced Analytics and Marketing Predictions for 2017

Show Summary:
1. Data driven intelligence will automate buyers journey
2. Big data dependency will be become the norm for marketers
3. Marketing technology growth will be irrelevant as technology adoption increases
4. Marketers will increase use of machine learning to improve content relevancy
5. Cognitive Technology will give leading marketers an edge over others (chat bots, Sales force Einstein, IBM Watson)
6. Marketing data security and governance will be a key focus for CMOs
7. Predictive leads scoring will be merged with marketing automation behavioral scoring
8. CMO IT budgets will match if not exceed CIO and CTO budgets
9. Data and technology with increase the alignment between sales and marketing
10. Marketing channels will be disrupted with new media technologies such as VR, Amazon echo and Google Home
11. Cost per click will increase as ad blocking and competition increases
12. Cloud adoption will reduce the Gaps between AdTech and MarTech
13. App economy: Marketers without a Mobile App strategy will be left behind
14. Marketing will increase reliance on DataViz technologies
15. Cross device optimization will become mandatory
16. Traditional marketing leadership will be replaced by data and technology leaders
17. New patents will be filed to improve marketing technology integration
18. CMOs will recruit or partner with data officers
19. Marketing technology giants will bet on IOT for the next wave of revenue
20. Geographic digital transformation will outpace vertical transformation in terms of revenue growth
21. B2B Digital subscription models will start to replace traditional lead gen models

Now take action and listen to the podcast for a more meatier and detailed action plan.

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