11 Data, Analytics and Marketing Predictions for 2018


2018 is almost here and most professionals are in the process of planning for the new year. We want to close the year on a special note by giving you the data, analytics and marketing predictions. In this show, we will discuss 11 data, analytics and marketing predictions for 2018.

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11 Data, Analytics and Marketing Predictions for 2018

Show Notes:
Here are the 11 Data, Analytics and Marketing Predictions for 2018:

1. Content marketing and ad messaging will be driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI)
2. Advanced analytics and data science driven marketing will override traditional marketing
3. Content consumption during drive time will increase due to the rise of self driven cars
4. Business analyst will be required to amplify their analytical skills
5. Digital security and data protection will be on the hyper rise
6. Traditional analytical tools such as Excel and SQL will continue to make way for advance BI tools
7. Chief Data Officer (CDO) jobs will be on the rise as organizations closely align data to business results
8. Organizations driven by CMOs will be faster to succeed than driven by the finance or sales leadership
9. TV commercials will be replaced by partial interstitial ads on the top of the tv shows
10. Digital budgets will become independent of the marketing channels
11. Multichannel attribution will become mainstream

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