Decrypting GDPR and Data Privacy with Bret Piatt


GDPR kicks in on May 25th 2018 and will impact all of us in ways we could not imagine. With only 10 days left to the launch of GDPR laws it becomes inevitable to avoid its impact. In this show we interview CEO of Jungle Disk and Data Privacy expert Bret Piatt. Bret shares his passion about Cyber security, technology and coding. In addition, he talks about how companies big or small should prepare for GPDR. What are the ramifications of the GDPR and the new data privacy laws going into effect on May 25th 2018? He provides detailed insight and action plan for companies to act and avoid huge penalties.

Decrypting GDPR and Data Privacy with Bret Piatt

Hope you enjoyed this podcast and blog post.

Resources discussed in this podcast:

  • Bret’s Article on GDPR Prep
  • Cyber Patriot
  • Bret’s Linkedin Profile
  • Bret’s Radio Show
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