5 Strange Analytics Equations used by Flat Earth Believers


There has been a new development in the non-scientific community about the shape of the earth. A concept called as flat earth has been in the news lately and has been backed by multiple celebrities. It is interesting to watch the debate between people who believe in round earth vs flat earth.

In this show, we wanted to discuss some of the mathematical and analytical equations that are used in these debates. These mathematical equations are backed by science and have been used by scientific community for a long time. We would like to discuss these equations and provide information from both side of the coin.

5 Strange Analytics Equations used by Flat Earth Believers

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Resources discussed in this podcast:

  • Inverse Square Law
  • Earth Curvature Calculation
  • Gravitational Field Strength
  • Earth Velocity Formula
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    Jeremy & Sameer [0:12] Thank you for joining analytics today podcast series of focuses on big data and analytics and the latest trends and digital world. I’m your co host, Jeremy Roberts. And with me, as always, is my co hosts Sameer Khan. Hello, how’s it going? I can see you now we’re in video. We have created a video for the first time so now it’s exciting. Very excited when I usually when I talk I do this because I’m excited. So I do this

    Jeremy & Sameer [0:42] Indian not exactly right. So now you get to see what it looked like. I these my Superman glasses and I do have my cup. It has my name on it so nobody can steal it. That’s great. That’s great. Now this is exciting guys. You know. So those who are listening I think it’s the first time we’re doing a video

    Jeremy & Sameer [1:00] podcasts we want to do an experiment to see how this will be received. We’re definitely going to have the audio version still posted on SoundCloud, iTunes and Stitcher and all the good places but we’re also planning to have the video on YouTube

    Jeremy & Sameer [1:15] yes okay so let’s do it. So today we’re actually not going to do one of our common interviews with people we’re not also not going to do a common marketing topic we’re going to do something a little bit controversial and fun and we’re not going to go crazy we’re not going to do controversial like what you see on you know CNN and BBC and stuff like that this is something that you know it’s got a little bit of humor and the controversy right so yeah yeah it’ll be fun it’ll be fun I look forward to it let’s let’s see how people think right today hopefully they don’t think we’re crazy

    Jeremy & Sameer [1:49] maybe maybe I I will do myself is this much crazy but okay. I think you know it this is a topic that that is out there and it’s not like we believe it or

    Jeremy & Sameer [2:00] Like that it’s just that we just wanted to have some fun and in fact like we wanted to make it more analytical and we want to have a more meaningful discussion to see whether or not you know some of the things that I’ve been brought up in the news and in the media Do they even make sense yeah okay so topic today five strange analytical equations us by Flat Earth believers also known as flat earth is right is this flatter thurs right yeah yeah exactly okay so what smear and I had done his research five formulas we want to discuss or we want to talk about the the analytics aspect of it not really from a marketing standpoint because I don’t believe these things should be marketed

    Jeremy & Sameer [2:50] it’s just a fun way to you know focus on the fun side of analytics and you know talking about how these people believe

    Jeremy & Sameer [3:00] The theory of flat earth and how they’re going to use it. So number one,

    Jeremy & Sameer [3:06] I’m going to read this. I’m going to read this. And then somewhere we can talk about the so is the inverse square law formula and they read this verbatim, it says

    Jeremy & Sameer [3:16] the inverse los the inverse square law describes the in the intensity of light at different dis distances from a light source, every light sources different, but the intensity changes in the same way. Well, yeah, of course, that the intensity of light is inversely proportional to the square of the distance. That means that as the distance from the light source increases, the intensity of a light is equal to a value multiplied by one over d squared. Yeah, so essentially, it decreases right and it decreases much faster than the distance increases. So so all the formula that we’re talking about, these are not you know, these are not formulas created by Flat Earth believers. These are actual

    Jeremy & Sameer [4:00] formula used by scientists and people who are mathematician and David they have developed they have done the hard work and developing solid formulas to measure certain aspects of the earth and the, the planetary system and all those things. So these formulas are really valid formulas. What’s interesting is, you know, and the fun part is the people who believe in flat or that actually using this formulas to back some of their claim. So let’s take an example like the inverse square law formula. What is saying is as we move away from a light object, the light will decrease over time. Yeah, to the point that if you are so far away, then you’re going to see you pretty much not going to see the light you know, too because our eye will not be have the capability to see the light you’ll never use and they’re talking about rotations of the earth and how they daytime and nighttime Yeah, in that’s also into aspect but more importantly, let’s take an example like

    Jeremy & Sameer [5:00] Stars raise the stars are so far away that the light that we see from the stars may have originated millions and millions of years ago like who knows how long right

    Jeremy & Sameer [5:11] and that’s the truth but

    Jeremy & Sameer [5:14] the it and that’s what the inverse square law formula says that if the stars are far far away and we continue to move away and away from those stars we will reach at a point where we’re not going to see the likes of those stars in your future and you know at some point of time because they’re going to be so far so that’s basically what the formula is now the interesting part in where the flat earth believe was used as what they say is ok you have a formula that says that if we move away from the light object and we continue to move away at some point of time we should not see the light from it whatever do squared yep right and but one but here we go. We have all these stars and we have all these

    Jeremy & Sameer [5:58] star confirmed

    Jeremy & Sameer [6:00] gradations you know, the star signs them since since the birth and we’re, you know, we’re all older we have been seeing there for seeing it for generations. So if the inverse square law formula should apply and the stars are real, then we should basically not see the light because, you know, the Earth is revolving, it’s rotating, it’s also going around the galaxy and all of the all of the universal stuff like all the galaxies are moving away, you know, the Big Bang concept, it’s like everything is moving. So if everything is moving, then why are we still seeing the light if the inverse square law firm? Lester exactly, that’s what the argument so they’re basically saying there’s no rotational field within the earth that revolves around the sun as a third Rock from the Sun. They’re basically saying it’s stays constant where it’s at, because the proportional amount of light that comes in has to say concert because it’s it’s daytime like it was 20 years ago. Right. Exactly. So that’s, that’s essentially what they’re saying.

    Jeremy & Sameer [7:00] I

    Jeremy & Sameer [7:02] was waiting for the word Santos to come up and talking about the Infinity Stones. You know

    Jeremy & Sameer [7:10] I was waiting for that.

    Jeremy & Sameer [7:13] But one day This will come and he will explain to you the flat earth concept.

    Jeremy & Sameer [7:19] Imagine if Dan knows came in a Avengers Infinity War. And then all of a sudden he you know his reason for snappiness finger and getting rid of half is because of the Flat Earth,

    Jeremy & Sameer [7:34] okay, Earth curvature for a second formula, right?

    Jeremy & Sameer [7:40] So the earth has a radius of approximately the 4000 right using the Pythagorean theorem that calculates to an average curvature of about 7.98

    Jeremy & Sameer [7:51] inches per mile, or approximately eight inches per square,

    Jeremy & Sameer [7:56] which is

    Jeremy & Sameer [7:58] and this is one of the most

    Jeremy & Sameer [8:00] So the formula basically called the earth curvature formula, and we’re going to do in the show notes, we’re going to have links to the original source where we got the formula from, you can actually go in calculated. But basically this is one of the most favorite formula for the flat earth believers. Essentially what this formula does, it calculates the curvature of the earth based on how far you are from an object. So let’s take an example. You know, like we used to go when when I was a kid, I used to go to the beach and we used to observe these ships that sale and then we look at the ships and then slowly they seem to be going away and you know, first the base of the ship goes away and then slowly you see the last part of the top of the ship and then it disappears right so essentially if let’s say if you want to calculate your distance from that ship in in figure out how much is the curvature like how far behind the curve of the earth that ship is hiding so you cannot see it then you use this earth curvature formula basically, it’s a

    Jeremy & Sameer [9:00] inches per mile squared so you know you take the distance and then you apply it and let’s say if it’s a 25 mile distance from you and the object and then approximately what you’re going to see is you’re going to see a 200 meters of curvature let me is like it’s far below the curve that you’re not going to be able to observe it yeah but but the but the interesting part there has been a lot of

    Jeremy & Sameer [9:23] debate going on and people are in somewhat ways using and abusing this formula for their own purposes so I’ve seen it

    Jeremy & Sameer [9:33] yeah does it let me let me translate their real fast Sure Sure. You’re basically saying is

    Jeremy & Sameer [9:39] if you’re watching a boat slowly go off into the ocean right into the sunset but go off into the ocean and as is going off in the ocean, eight inches per square mile, right? So for that will be the curve there’ll be the curve so basically, let’s say it’s 20 miles away. It should have dropped eight times 20 right one

    Jeremy & Sameer [10:00] Right first by that it’ll slowly go down and down and down. Exactly they’re seeing because they don’t see it slowly dropping. You can still see it for the distance the earth must be flat. Yeah. And then there have been some experiment that they did where they just use like really high dense hype a powerful binoculars. And they showed you like, how you can zoom into the boat, which for the eye, it may seem and has disappeared and hid behind the curve. But then when you use the binoculars, you can actually see it like, I don’t know how valid those experiments are, and who are the scientific authority that have back those experiments. But that’s what they use. And there this is their favorite form and less like they always go and say, Okay, this is this object is like 40 miles away from us. So they should be behind the curve and we should be able to see it Yeah, and we should not be able to see it but then you know, here we go. We’re able to see it so that’s that’s what they’re saying. That is that is hardcore.

    Jeremy & Sameer [11:00] Yeah,

    Jeremy & Sameer [11:02] yeah, it’s interesting, right?

    Jeremy & Sameer [11:04] We’ll leave it at that.

    Jeremy & Sameer [11:06] Okay. Next one,

    Jeremy & Sameer [11:09] the gravitational field formula. So the acceleration due to gravity near the earth depends on the distance of an object from the earth center. Okay,

    Jeremy & Sameer [11:21] the gravitational field formula can be used to find the field strength, meaning the acceleration due to gravity at any position around the earth. And the gravitational field strength of the surface of the Earth can be calculated using this specific formula that will go over which is basically

    Jeremy & Sameer [11:38] gravitational constant

    Jeremy & Sameer [11:41] times mass of the Earth over distance from the center of the earth squared, right. So basically a How does one first calculate the center of the earth?

    Jeremy & Sameer [11:52] Yeah, I think those are there’s some theoretical stuff that goes into this in terms of, you know, the size of the Earth.

    Jeremy & Sameer [12:00] We know that when we know the circumference of the Earth right, we can travel and we can measure it is our GPS technology and all these systems based on the longitude and latitude so there are different ways to calculate it but basically the gravitational field strength formula is tells you wherever you are under Planet Earth what is the force of gravity on you yeah or or on any object so that’s the fundamental of this formula like let’s say if I am you know in I think there are some differences on where your your yourself we’re in Texas for example, you and I are going to both ways certain

    Jeremy & Sameer [12:39] you know our weight is going to be a certain number but let’s say if you go to North Pole your weights going to slightly change

    Jeremy & Sameer [12:47] because you’re in a different gravitational aspect of the planet art right because the because the North Pole in the south poles of the polls and then the gravitational field rotates around the Earth. That’s the basic concept is that’s how you’re able

    Jeremy & Sameer [13:00] To calculate the gravitational field strength now what

    Jeremy & Sameer [13:04] what the flatter believers use is they say okay you know first off they don’t believe in gravity

    Jeremy & Sameer [13:12] as far as I as I’ve read and I’ve

    Jeremy & Sameer [13:15] tried to understand what they’re saying is so for them this gravitational field formula doesn’t even exist so this was a believer some yeah so this for them is like, you know why have a formula there is no gravity

    Jeremy & Sameer [13:34] Yeah,

    Jeremy & Sameer [13:36] yeah, I don’t know what to say. I hear you, but that’s what it is. Well, guess.

    Jeremy & Sameer [13:43] Yeah, I guess when the apple fell in news head is full of it. But uh,

    Jeremy & Sameer [13:50] yeah. Okay,

    Jeremy & Sameer [13:52] last one.

    Jeremy & Sameer [13:54] Let’s see that escape velocity formula, so we’ll actually skip the end.

    Jeremy & Sameer [14:00] Still going to do this I’m like ooh that was awesome okay here we go sorry the speed of satellite around the earth so particular satellite can have only one speed when an orbit around a particular body at a given distance because the force of gravity doesn’t change so what’s that speed and so they’re basically saying

    Jeremy & Sameer [14:22] you’re using this equation calculus centrifugal force and gravitational force and because that speed never changes the earth must be flat

    Jeremy & Sameer [14:32] yeah and I think what’s what’s interesting is the speed of the satellite around the earth the formula basically as you know we isn’t velocity is equal to a squared of GM upon our which are as a radius and g is the gravitational force and as a mass what would there in fact saying is there are no satellites

    Jeremy & Sameer [14:53] and all the telecommunication that happens today in the world are underground fiber optics cable

    Jeremy & Sameer [15:00] or through cell phone towers. And I’ve also I’ve heard them saying that it’s using the all of your GPS in your cell phones that he used Global Positioning System, which is fundamentally dependent on satellite is essentially done by the triangulation off your cell phone just like you do your cell phone location finding so it’s done through a triangulation of the towers not necessarily with satellite so then the whole concept of if a satellite is

    Jeremy & Sameer [15:30] revolving around the Earth

    Jeremy & Sameer [15:33] then in order for us to measure the speed of the satellite, which then there are a lot of websites where you can actually pinpoint what location that satellite is going to be. And if you literally go out and use a telescope and had that moment in time from that location, you’re going to see the satellite right there. So this is how accurate the the forecasting of the location of satellite is, but in the flat earth believers views

    Jeremy & Sameer [16:00] That’s not the case. They because they believe that there are no satellites. And now all opinion communication is done by the ground based communication systems. There is no need for a formula for calculating the speed of satellite.

    Jeremy & Sameer [16:19] So there were companies and Cruz who are trenching

    Jeremy & Sameer [16:25] across the United States, from East Coast to West Coast and running lines across the United States across the world, in fact, cross the world through oceans and rivers and mountains and the mountain kind of challenges. I’m just going to trench through a mountain just because Okay,

    Jeremy & Sameer [16:46] yeah, yeah. Now I know there are some advancement made in the underground communication system like fiber optics being one of them. Yeah, I still is like, for me, it’s hard to believe like if there are so many challenges that you’re going to run into.

    Jeremy & Sameer [17:00] When you have, you know, all this kind of terrain that they have to go through, you know, I have a friend that I worked with a guy named Ray. Hey, Ray Ray Ray used to work back in the day when he was a junior marketer for this company whose they ended up going bankrupt. And one of their things was they wanted to get a boat with a giant spool of fiber and run it

    Jeremy & Sameer [17:28] run it from the east coast, the United States across the ocean

    Jeremy & Sameer [17:32] to Europe, going to Europe, okay. And they were using that to really and this was like 15 years ago, 20 years ago, but it’s like trying to increase the you know, the power of that fiber and that connectivity before you know this fiber optic cable was pushed out right, what happens when new technology comes out? I’m gonna pull it back up.

    Jeremy & Sameer [17:55] Get a run again. Yeah, you know, the Earth is flat so you should be able to

    Jeremy & Sameer [18:00] do that right how does how does Atlantis power?

    Jeremy & Sameer [18:06] Yeah incredible they plug in are they watching where they watching the NBA Draft last night? I was on ESPN I don’t know Do they? Do they have Boise I don’t know

    Jeremy & Sameer [18:19] yeah yeah so it’s it’s one of those you know like it’s just some of these things that are just I don’t understand like

    Jeremy & Sameer [18:29] it just beyond my you know beyond my thought process Yeah exactly. Maybe I’m still learning you know we’re all learning definitely learning this is a absolute foreign topic to me so I’m excited that a our first venture into the video podcast was a topic that’s just like

    Jeremy & Sameer [18:48] but it’s out of the world right

    Jeremy & Sameer [18:52] yeah but I this is so and and we don’t our last one yet. Her number five or no? Yeah. Number five.

    Jeremy & Sameer [19:00] Let’s go for that. Okay, number five. So escape velocity formula. So the escape velocity formula is the minimum velocity required to leave a planet or a moon. For rocket or object to leave a planet, it must overcome the pole gravity. So because they don’t believe in Gravity, they’re basically saying the escape velocity using this escape velocity velocity formula, the earth must be flat in order for

    Jeremy & Sameer [19:25] you know, for things to take off. Yeah, so this is an interesting one, you know, the escape velocity formula is to time the gravitational constant multiplied by the mass upon the radius. So this formula is is kind of the opposite of what we were talking about the gravitational strength so we talked about the gravitational strength but then the escape velocity kind of tells you how much velocity you need to escape the gravitational pull of a planet like Earth right what they say

    Jeremy & Sameer [19:58] you know, the people who believe in Flat Earth

    Jeremy & Sameer [20:00] They say that because there is no gravity

    Jeremy & Sameer [20:04] essentially in what they call it as its its density. And it’s basically the mass and the density. So how big of a mass it is, it’s going to be dense, as much dense as it’s going to be, depending on how big it is. And then that’s what’s pulling it down. And some people even say there is some type of electrostatic or electromagnetic or some sort of force that’s actually pulling it down. So there is no such thing as gravity. So obviously the question is, if there’s no such thing as gravity, then why we do we need an escape velocity formula but here’s here’s where I am. I’m having a hard time wrapping that concept around my head is because if if they give an example of a butterfly or a board, like for example, like the butterfly is sending, and they can literally flap their wings and they can fly wherever they want in, you know, birds, they can flap their wings and fly wherever they want.

    Jeremy & Sameer [20:57] But then you know why, why do we need to rock

    Jeremy & Sameer [21:00] It’s a butterfly can fly. So my thought to that is like, okay, when, let’s say if we as a human being, we can,

    Jeremy & Sameer [21:08] you know, maybe we’re jumping on a trampoline right? When we jumped on a trampoline our velocity is much higher than what the butterfly uses so why don’t we escape and just go past Why are we not floating away? Yeah why we’re not floating away if if that’s what you’re deaf what your argument is like a butterfly can fly, then there’s no gravity and there’s no need for escape velocity.

    Jeremy & Sameer [21:33] I don’t know man, this is

    Jeremy & Sameer [21:36] this is a weird like I said, this is kind of a weird topic for me. So it’s totally strange for me. But again, I want to make sure like, you know, we make this podcast entertaining and educational for people to bring in a new new dimension of things. So I made sure that like I did research and see what they’re talking about how they’re using the formulas to I can provide a better context. Nice. Okay, well, that’s

    Jeremy & Sameer [22:00] We got those are the five strange analytical equations us by flat or thurs are flat earth believers great well that’s awesome you know how do you feel about the video I do like it this I should probably wear the same exact outfit for more or just changed my shirt or maybe a change my my affinity to the Marvel Cinematic Universe I like that I like I like your background minus kind of plain odd and but I like your background I should probably split something in my bag

    Jeremy & Sameer [22:34] picture of Dan Oh stuck their nose yeah

    Jeremy & Sameer [22:38] very cool Well like I said thank you again we’re gonna we’re you’ll be able to you’re actively viewing this on YouTube will also still have this available on Soundcloud and as always, we love new topics we love for you guys to let us know who we should interview and what things we should talk about. We’re very excited. We’ve had some crazy growth recently.

    Jeremy & Sameer [23:00] In our in our podcast and

    Jeremy & Sameer [23:03] how much visibility we’ve been seen from you guys, so keep it up will continue to do this and reach out to us for any questions. Yeah Don’t forget to go to iTunes and, you know, your positive feedback will continue to help us motivate to bring new and exciting topics.

    Jeremy & Sameer [23:23] Let’s do it. Okay, cool. Thank you again and thank you smear and we’ll see you guys in here. Thank you. See ya.

    5 Strange Analytics Equations used by Flat Earth Believers
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    5 Strange Analytics Equations used by Flat Earth Believers
    There has been a new development in the non-scientific community about the shape of the earth. A concept called as flat earth has been in the news lately and has been backed by multiple celebrities. It is interesting to watch the debate between people who believe in round earth vs flat earth. In this show, we wanted to discuss some of the mathematical and analytical equations that are used in these debates. These mathematical equations are backed by science and have been used by scientific community for a long time. We would like to discuss these equations and provide information from both side of the coin.
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