2019 Data, Analytics & Marketing Predictions


In this show, we will discuss the 2019 Data, Analytics and Marketing predictions for 2019. We will also review our 2018 predictions and evaluate which ones were spot on vs those that didn’t held true. The episode is filled with digital, AI, data, marketing and technology insights and is one of the fastest way to get you up to date on the latest trends.

List to the 2019 Data, Analytics & Marketing Predictions

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Show notes & the list of predictions

  1. Organizations will increase focus on Digital transformation instead of digitization.
  2. AI hype will continue to be a distraction although it will gain more mainstream acceptance.
  3. Data scientists will make way for Data engineers as the top hot career.
  4. US and other non European countries will introduce their own version of GDPR.
  5. Organizations will have multiple options to buy machine learning models.
  6. Marketing automation will converge with artificial intelligence AI).
  7. Chat bot interactions will improve due to new advancement in natural language processing (NLP).
  8. Augmented reality will become a marketing channel.
  9. Facebook will lose more market share.
  10. Expect to see more Marketing Technology (MarTech) consolidations.
  11. VOIS (Voice over Internet Search) will reshape buyer behavior.

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