2020 Digital and Data Predictions


2020 Digital and Data Predictions

2019 was a great year for digital and data professionals. Digital continues to dominate the world in every aspect and the transformations are evident in every part of the business. There has been a massive increase in home automation and home IOT adoption with Alexa and Google dominating market share. We experienced wider acceptance of workplace collaboration solutions such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom. We also learned how intelligence chat platforms are slowly disrupting customer service space. Today, I am excited to share our 10 digital and data predictions for 2020. These are my personal thoughts on the future of the digital influenced the connected world we live in.

Here are the list of predictions:

1. Mobile messaging app users will surpass the number of social network users: In 2016, mobile surpassed desktop users according to Stats Counter Global Stats. 2020 we will see another shift where we will have more mobile messaging users compared to social network users. The prediction is based on the insight shared by Facebook that by 2020, 80% of the smartphone users are projected to be using mobile messaging app.

2. Video will become table stakes instead of innovative strategy: Video has become an integral part of business and personal communication. 9 out of 10 businesses use video a marketing channel. In 2020, video will no longer maintain the status of being innovative and will become a must have for business.

3. The rise in cyber security threats will require new data management capabilities and innovation: 2019 was filled will large scale cyber security incidents. We saw an increase in government-related breaches besides corporate incidents targeting Wipro, Dunkin Donuts, and Toyota. Increase in cyber threats demands a new data management frameworks and capabilities. Organizations are still trying to figure out the best way to work with multi-tenant environment. In 2020, we will see new disruptions in the data management that will provide better privacy and security.

4. AI will enable more people to find work: When people think of AI, the first things comes to mind is how many jobs will AI eliminate? Interesting, so far AI has played an important role in the business community by personalizing user experience, improving customer service, forecasting sales outcomes and providing real-time logistics insights. What’s even more interesting is AI is enabling people with special needs to find work. This trend will continue in 2020 and newer technologies will help people find and deliver work they have never thought they could.

5. Online shopping addiction awareness will be on the rise: Let’s start by asking a simple question. Who will be happy this holiday season? A common answer is your family or friends because of the gifts they receive. The real answer is most likely Amazon, Walmart or Macy’s. According Adobe consumer spending research, consumers will spend a whopping $143Bn this year (13% YoY increase). We will spend much of this on buying stuff from your favorite retailer. Addiction.com has already labelled online shopping as an addiction. They say people suffer from anxiety when they are not shopping and your prime membership gives you the instant gratification to overcome the symptoms. It’s time for us to generate more awareness to prevent an increase in this addiction.

6. Move over IoT, it’s time for IoB (Internet of Behaviors): Internet of things (IoT) is about connected devices and Internet of Behaviors (IoB) is about connected humans. IoT devices will allow organizations such as Google and Amazon a 360 view of their customers in terms of their digital behavior. Imagine having your personal driving data being used to limit your driver license tenure or local traffic laws. Whether it’s good or bad IoB is the new reality.

7. Multi-cloud service providers will see bigger adoption: Cloud computing has become a key part of our lives. Be it using your favorite email, accessing content from Netflix, getting driving directions or online shopping. It’s all in the cloud. We live in a cloud agnostic world where organizations use different cloud technology to deliver solutions. For business professionals, it becomes harder to manage the multi-cloud environment as data moves from one cloud to another and back to on-premise. In 2020, we will see an increase in adoption of cloud management solutions.

8. 5G launch and adoption will make way for hologram or 3D video calls: This is my favorite one as I believe the next disruption of workplace collaboration is personable remote experience. 5G will gives us the throughput needed to deliver high quality videos. It will help develop the next evolution of organization collaboration and make way for 3D meetings.

9. Digital and data jobs will grow by double digits: This not a prediction but a fact. I expect digital jobs to grow by 22% in 2020. From 2011 to 2019, marketing and sales technology increased by 7500%.

10. Online buying will continue to put more big-box stores out of business: In 2019, we lost Payless, Gymboree, Dressbarn, Family Dollar, Charming Charlie and lots of other stores. The rate of store closure is speeding up and in 2020 we will continue to see the trend.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Have a happy new year!

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