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My location: Texas

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I build marketing demand gen and analytics engines. I specialize in analytics, marketing & cloud and I am a the founder of TheCareerCoach.co and Marketing Ops Pros. I am also the cohoost of the #AnalyticsToday Podcast show. I have helped companies like IBM, Rackspace, Macys, Toyrus, Golds Gym, Toyota, Pokomtel, Tmobile and several others in defining their analytics and digital program strategy, vision, and infrastructure needs to support revenue growth. I have also been called as a top 100 big data influencer on the web and have contributed 150+ publications to personal and third party blogs on the topics of big data, digital marketing, social and customer analytics. I presently leads IBM’s Customer Analytics initiative and helps businesses improve marketing campaigns by using viral marketing, campaign attribution, activity budgeting, lifecycle analysis, mobile marketing and enterprise analytics.

In my 12+ year of analytics and marketing career I have led several eCommerce, digital marketing and analytics teams in enterprise and mid market companies leading to significant growth in revenue and sales. Additionally, I have also help businesses leverage web analysis and combine it with search marketing to get unique edge over competitors.

Passion & Mission Statement: Help people improve their life and business by using my expertise to create business analytics and marketing optimization and automation solutions.

My Hobby: Spending time with family, traveling, reading books, learning new ways to automate business, marketing and analytics ofcourse!

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