5 Important Missing Features in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a great web analytics platform, and I am a fan because its free, fast and offers actionable analytics. GA is so common as if it is a new name for web analytics atleast in the SMB space. Google analytics is one of the fastest analytics platforms on the planet. The improved UI and the crisp clear reporting … Read More

Google Releases Multi Device Analytics

Who could have thought analytics advancement would allow us to understand the conversion points between multiple devices. Yes! Multi device analytics is reality thanks to Google Analytic’s new multi device report. With this report, you can track each visitor across their desktop, laptop, mobile phones and tablets all with the same session cookie. The report is being tested as a … Read More

Copy My Actionable Google Analytics Advanced Segments

In this post, I want to share some of my most frequently used Google Analytics advanced segments using Google Analytics segment sharing feature. These segments allow me to dissect data and produce actionable insights. To copy these segments simple click the links below, login to your Google Analytics account and create segments. Before we begin, here is a quick video … Read More