Ebook: 20 Powerful Big Data Visualizations for 2015

There was a time when data visualization was considered a fancy art. Times have changed, and today we are drowning with data of all shapes and form. Gartner predicts a 650% growth in enterprise data in five years of which 80% will be unstructured. Can you imagine dealing with the massive amounts of data to derive insights? Visualizing data is … Read More

10 Unique Ways to Apply Data Science to Digital Marketing – Part 1

Digital marketing tech industry continues to fascinate me even though the segment is getting saturated with software vendors of all kinds. Lately, I am spending more time on data science as you can see from my recent posts. However, I feel it is important to discuss the marketing technology spectrum before we discuss how marketing can benefit from data science. … Read More

How Big Data Impacts our Lives Everyday [Infographic]

I recently came across a cool big data infographic which neatly details how big data touches our lives everyday. I found it very interesting so I got permission from the creators to share with my blog subscribers. It is true, whether we know it or not big data plays a huge part in our everyday lives. On a daily basis … Read More