Big Data Friday : This week in Big Data and Multichannel Analytics

It’s Friday and here are the latest updates on the big data industry. Before we dive in, I just wanted to share some thoughts. Big data is not a new concept and analysts, statisticians and data scientists have been involved with big data projects for decades. So why is it a big deal now to the point that Google is … Read More

Big Data Friday : This week in Big Data Analytics

Big data Friday is a quick recap of what’s happening this week in the big data and multi-channel analytics industry. I realized there is a lot of clutter in the big data news space, and the news that matters get lost. Big data Friday comes to rescue with only the best of the best big data news in an easily … Read More

Conversation with Big Data Scientist Samuel Berestizhevsky

Big data is a major buzz word in the analytics industry. According to Google trends, all big data related keywords searches are on all-time high and have broken previous records by a huge margin. Quite interestingly, big data analysis is not a new concept. Large organizations, government agencies, medical industry and almost all large-scale consumer research companies have been conducting … Read More