Solving Digital Conversion Struggles using Lifecycle Analytics

Last time I wrote a post about the customer lifecycle my intention was to bring forth the idea of mapping customer’s journey in the digital purchase process. In this post, I would like to continue the conversation further building on the idea of the customer lifecycle analysis and how it can be made actionable. We will also discuss how to … Read More

Practical application of Big Data analytics on Digital Marketing

In the last few weeks, we have discussed the implications of big data and big data analytics. We also talked about the latest trends in big data and how big data visualization is becoming a form of art. Today, I want to take the theoretical discussions to practice with a recent big data project we successfully completed. A part of … Read More

Conversation with Big Data Scientist Samuel Berestizhevsky

Big data is a major buzz word in the analytics industry. According to Google trends, all big data related keywords searches are on all-time high and have broken previous records by a huge margin. Quite interestingly, big data analysis is not a new concept. Large organizations, government agencies, medical industry and almost all large-scale consumer research companies have been conducting … Read More