12 – 6 Steps to Big Data Success for Digital Marketers [Video+PPT+Transcript]

Recently, we did a keynote presentation at Digimarcon West conference. Our goal was to educate traditional digital marketers on how to use data science and big data analytics to amplify digital results. We have recorded the show for our listeners in both audio and video format. We have also added the powerpoint presentation for your to review with the recording. ... Read More

Ebook: 20 Powerful Big Data Visualizations for 2015

There was a time when data visualization was considered a fancy art. Times have changed, and today we are drowning with data of all shapes and form. Gartner predicts a 650% growth in enterprise data in five years of which 80% will be unstructured. Can you imagine dealing with the massive amounts of data to derive insights? Visualizing data is … Read More

10 Unique Ways to Apply Data Science to Digital Marketing – Part 1

Digital marketing tech industry continues to fascinate me even though the segment is getting saturated with software vendors of all kinds. Lately, I am spending more time on data science as you can see from my recent posts. However, I feel it is important to discuss the marketing technology spectrum before we discuss how marketing can benefit from data science. … Read More