Troubleshooting Website Traffic drop with Web Analytics

Web analyst often take emotionally driven decisions in their analysis and this can often lead to unwanted issues. Identifying the exact cause of web traffic drop should be done in a highly systematic way. In order to help you troubleshoot traffic and conversion drop I want to share outcome based analysis approach. Step#1. Analytics Intelligence (AI) Your first step is … Read More

Top 3 Web Analytics & Web Data issues that impact Your Decisions

Web analytics is a great solution for website authors and web administrators to know how well their site is selling and how to optimize it for maximum outreach. However, measuring raw data using web analytics solutions is not free from error and issues. Think about it, when was the last time you were 100% satisfied with the results you got? … Read More

Visitor Engagement or Site Conversion?

I would like to start this post with a startling fact – there are on average 8000 searches done on Google each month for keyword “site conversion” and only 91 searches for “visitor engagement”!

About Sameer

My Name : Sameer Khan My location: Texas What do I enjoy doing explained in less than 30 seconds: I build marketing demand gen and analytics engines. I specialize in analytics, marketing & cloud and I am a the founder of and Marketing Ops Pros. I am also the cohoost of the #AnalyticsToday Podcast show. I have helped companies … Read More