5 Kick Ass Free/Cheap Voice of Visitor & Usability Tools

Web Analytics can provide you all the information you need about the “what” and “how” piece of the visitor interaction on your website. Reports like goal completion, internal search keywords can tell you what visitors do on your website. Similarly, pathing report, next page and fallout report can be used to determine how visitors interact with your site. The missing … Read More

Behavioral Ranking: Shocking Truth about the New Search Marketing Game!

Before you begin reading this post I want to warn you this could possibly give you sleepless nights for long time to come. All your search optimization efforts are at now completely at the mercy of search engines. If you think you are smarter and can “bypass” the search engine guidelines then think again. Ten years ago, achieving high ranking … Read More

Using Web Analytics to Improve Web Content Quality and Usability

Content is the king on the Internet and there is no second thought about it. The web technology has changed a lot in last 2 decades but core theme of Internet is still the same…to provide value information using web content. Social media is becoming the new source of information and web masters are shifting focus to user generated content. … Read More

PPC Analytics: The Ultimate Pay Per Click Marketing Plan

Pay per click marketing has become the most popular form of marketing in the Internet age. The reason behind the success of ppc is the ease of setup and the ability to get instant results. It is indeed the best answer to instant advertising. In order to succeed with ppc marketing one must take a very strategic approach. Marketers all … Read More

Why People Follow You on Twitter?

I am curious on why people follow someone on Twitter so I created this poll. I am sure other people would also like to get an answer to this question. The answer can be just one click away :). [polldaddy poll=”1365123″] Please provide your comments, feedback, or tweets here. Here is a list of other helpful blog posts – Bounce … Read More