Five Marketing Attribution Stakeholder Personas…Which One Are You?

Today Jeremy and Sameer will discuss the five types of marketing attribution stakeholders, their views on marketing attribution and how you can work with them. We will give you a detailed view of the approach and methodologies that has worked for us to overcome organizational challenges when leading marketing attribution conversation. We will also leave you with questions and ideas … Read More

Customer Centricity and LTV with Peter Fader and Dan McCarthy

In this show we had the opportunity to talk to Peter Fader and Dan McCarthy. Peter is well known for his work around customer centricity and customer lifetime value. He has written several research papers and a book on that topic and is a professor of marketing at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Dan McCarty is a … Read More

11 Data, Analytics and Marketing Predictions for 2018

2018 is almost here and most professionals are in the process of planning for the new year. We want to close the year on a special note by giving you the data, analytics and marketing predictions. In this show, we will discuss 11 data, analytics and marketing predictions for 2018. Join us and start preparing for the new year. You … Read More

Interview with Matt Heinz: Sales and Marketing Pipeline Prediction

We had a great opportunity to interview Matt Heinz of who is a popular marketing thought leader, entrepreneur and author. In this show, Matt will share his thoughts on sales and marketing pipeline marketing, pipeline prediction and variety of other key topics. Join us and listen till the end and later follow us at Matt Heinz Intro: More … Read More

Perkuto CEO Alex Pelletier: The Power of Marketing Automation

In this podcast we will interview another very special guest Alex Pelletier who is the CEO of a marketing automation consulting firm called Perkuto. Join us, as Alex shares his journey from a financial advisor to becoming a marketing leader and how the new trends in marketing automation and technology are reshaping marketing. You can get show notes on our … Read More