5 Steps to Perform a Digital Transformation Discovery Session – Part 1

With Covid19, organizations are forced to transform and become digitally enabled quickly. However, digital transformation is not easy and companies lose fortune trying to transform legacy systems, process and culture. In this two part show, Jeremy and Sameer will dive deeper on how to conduct a digital transformation discovery session. These discovery sessions are the exact same we have used … Read More

Cyber Security & Fraud Prevention During Uncertainty – Denise Purtzer

In this show we had an opportunity to interview the VP of partner marketing Denise Purtzer at Clear Sale. Denise has a deep cyber security and commerce background it was exciting to learn how her company is able to help ecommerce business recover lost revenue and prevent fraud during crisis. Here are the topics we addressed in this show: What … Read More

Empowering Investors During Covid19 Crisis using Behavior Analytics

In this show, we had the pleasure of talking to Clare Flynn who is the CEO and founder of Essentia Analytics. Essentia is a company that specializes in arming portfolio managers, fund managers, analyst and wealth managers with behavior insights to improve ROI. Clare shares the details on how she was able to take her Wall Street knowledge to help … Read More

2020 Digital and Data Predictions

2020 Digital and Data Predictions 2019 was a great year for digital and data professionals. Digital continues to dominate the world in every aspect and the transformations are evident in every part of the business. There has been a massive increase in home automation and home IOT adoption with Alexa and Google dominating market share. We experienced wider acceptance of … Read More

7 Strategic Steps to Implementing a MarTech Platform

MarTech is short for Marketing Technology. In the last seven years, there has been a significant growth in marketing technology. In 2011, there were few hundred marketing tech and in 2019 there are more than 7000 technologies. This rapid change requires organizations to follow a strong process to implement marketing tech. In this show, Jeremy and I will go through … Read More