How to Overcome Google’s Paid Search Keyword (Not Provided) update

Google is known to cause massive stir in the online world with its algorithmic updates. It strives hard to continue to keep its customers engaged and has been exceptionally successful in the process. Google has consistently launched new updates to secure its search environment and deter its critics. If you could imagine managing the largest search engine in the world … Read More

Analytics from our Most Successful Social SEO Programs

Last month, I spoke at the Covario inflection point event in California. We presented some of our most successful inbound marketing strategies and campaigns. We have been consistently running social media focused SEO campaigns and have seen significant improvement in our signup and sales from organic search. In this post, we will discuss some of our top-performing programs and share … Read More

Page Speed Analytics: How to Improve Web Page Load Time – Part I

Web page speed optimization has become one of the most important components of the website optimization process. Google incorporates web page load time as one of the factors for organic rankings. Web Analysts should also include page speed KPIs in analytics reports and review the changes atleast twice a month. Page speed is the time it takes to load a … Read More