How Big Data Impacts our Lives Everyday [Infographic]

I recently came across a cool big data infographic which neatly details how big data touches our lives everyday. I found it very interesting so I got permission from the creators to share with my blog subscribers. It is true, whether we know it or not big data plays a huge part in our everyday lives. On a daily basis … Read More

Content Analytics: The Art and Science of Content Marketing measurement

Content is the king, and it continues to be an important component of the digital marketing strategy. Quality of content is becoming critical in addition to quantity as brands big or small are heavily investing in content. If you are still not in the content creation game, then it’s not too late to jump in. When I present the digital … Read More

Analytics from our Most Successful Social SEO Programs

Last month, I spoke at the Covario inflection point event in California. We presented some of our most successful inbound marketing strategies and campaigns. We have been consistently running social media focused SEO campaigns and have seen significant improvement in our signup and sales from organic search. In this post, we will discuss some of our top-performing programs and share … Read More