Offline Analytics: Measuring Success of Offline Campaigns

Have you often wondered what if you could measure the success of your offline marketing materials and campaigns? It is pretty easy to measure the success of online campaigns with analytics and analytics integrations but measuring offline conversion is tough. Advancements in mobile technology have allowed us to connect the dots between online and offline. Google Goggles image search feature … Read More

Best of Web Analytics TV 2010

Analytics visionary Avinash Kaushik and Google Analytics product lead Nick Mihailovski has produced an awesome series of videos called Web Analytics TV. It is absolutely amazing to watch Avinash Kaushik share his passion for web analytics. In this post, I have covered the most productive insights presented on the entire 2010 video series with my take. Although, the entire video … Read More

Top 3 Excel Productivity Tips for Web Analytics Dashboards

Due to the great response for my last post “Top 5 Power User Excel Tips & Tricks for Web Analytics Productivity“, I dedicated to write another post about excel tricks. This time, I want to focus on excel tips for web analytics dashboards. Web analytics dashboards are key medium for communicating insights and trends. Building dashboard is a time consuming … Read More

Five Rocking Google Analytics Tips, Tricks & Hacks

Google Analytics has made a name for itself as a market leader in the free web analytics segment. With a simple layout, clean design, great features, unbelievably intuitive user interface and unparalleled report quality, it is not hard to see why. Although most of the features and reports in Google Analytics are accesible directly, there are many hidden uses and … Read More