Understand Your Customers with Customer Analytics [Video + Slides]

The biggest challenge marketers face today is they fail to get a 360 view of their customers before marketing to them. Most marketers may develop the customer persona with basic information, including demographics and like/dislikes. Some may go beyond and try to map the digital channel usage of their customers. Marketing channels, demographics and interests are important components of understanding … Read More

Forrester Web Analytics Wave 2014 report [Download]

Every three years, Forrester Research conducts industry’s most thorough study on analyzing digital or web analytics tools providers in the market. Forrester’s evaluates top enterprise grade digital analytics vendors on 75-point criteria and articulates the findings in their popular Wave report in three high-level categories: Current offering: What are the current features set and capabilities around data handling; metrics, dimensions, … Read More

How to Overcome Google’s Paid Search Keyword (Not Provided) update

Google is known to cause massive stir in the online world with its algorithmic updates. It strives hard to continue to keep its customers engaged and has been exceptionally successful in the process. Google has consistently launched new updates to secure its search environment and deter its critics. If you could imagine managing the largest search engine in the world … Read More

Top 5 Reasons why Enterprise Analytics is for Analyst Ninjas

Robust enterprise web analytic platform is a must if you work in a large enterprise filled with complex SQL/Oracle databases, CRM solutions and advanced data warehouse reporting systems. Google’s analytics team has added a lot of bells and whistles into its free analytics solution that most paid analytics lack. However, I still think GA has to cover a lot of … Read More

Ultimate Web Analytics Training Guide: From Click to Close

Here is the most comprehensive list of all the top posts from my blog and other popular web analytics blogs on the internet. These are organized in order to give you a complete start to end training on how to perform web analysis like a pro on your website to improve conversion, reduce bounce rate and provide exceptional user experience. … Read More